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How to save even more at Outlet Malls

As a thrifty couple, we like to shop at premium outlet malls to get the best bang for our buck. Many times, stores in these malls will have additional discounts during Black Friday and the holiday season generally.

Now there’s a way to get additional discounts on already deeply discounted premium merchandise! Premium outlets operated by Simon Malls have a “Savings Passbook” for $5 that gets you additional discounts at specific stores. Additional discounts include 20% off without any minimum spend at stores such as Kate Spade, Polo Ralph Lauren, Max Studio, Armani, Le Creuset, Burberry etc.

You can pick this passbook up at the mall’s Guest Services but if you check in on Yelp, the Savings Passbook is free! Find your nearest Simon outlet mall here.


Save Money on and Track Car Rental Prices

We’re usually loyal to National Car Rental due to our Executive Emerald status there and sometimes, the National app doesn’t find the cheapest price on a potential rental. In times like these and for a sanity check, we use Autoslash to both pull quotes for, book, and track rentals.

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Buy ‘Imperfect’ Vegetables – Save Money and the Environment

You may have heard the startling statistic that Americans throw away 40% of our food — $160 billion worth of food — an obscene waste of time, money and resources.

Most times, food gets thrown out because of cosmetic issues.  If it doesn’t look perfect, it gets thrown away, a horrible waste of resources!!

Enter Imperfect Produce. Delivering boxes of ugly vegetables and fruits to peoples doorstep in the bay area. The Company boasts of more than 5,200 subscribers in the Bay Area. These smart and conscious customer are saving money, too: an average of 30%-50% over regular produce.

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